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day: Monday, Sept. 13th
time: 15:00 – 16:00

The rafting on wooden rafts down the river Váh has a long tradition. Before the river was bound by several dams, the rafters were able to transfer the wood from the woodland in the mountains far away to the south without much effort. The narrows above Strečno was the most dangerous place for them. The river flows very quickly here, and turns sharply. They had to navigate the raft carefully to avoid wrecking on the cliff.

It is now impossible to sail down the river smoothly because of many dams, and there are other possibilities of transporting the wood nowadays. Hence, the traditional rafting had fallen into oblivion. Moreover, the most dangerous cliffs were destroyed during the construction of the railway track.

In 1999, the so called First Rafting Company was constituted to renew the tradition in the most famous segment of the river. The tourists can enjoy the rafting on safe rafts. It took one hour to sail from the start point to Strečno.