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Martin Nägele, contestant 3, Austria
5th October 2010, 21:48:57 (Tuesday 14 years ago)
Thank you!!
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
30th September 2010, 22:35:00 (Thursday 14 years ago)
The solutions of MEMO problems can be found under the problems section. The direct link is http://memo2010.skmo.sk/docs/solutions.pdf.
Róbert Hajduk, organizer, Slovakia
24th September 2010, 16:24:34 (Friday 14 years ago)
My photos from MEMO are on http://picasaweb.google.com/112267812502222039561/MEMO
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
19th September 2010, 23:07:06 (Sunday 14 years ago)
This is a good idea. We will publish the solutions soon (in one ore two weeks), check this discussion for the link.
Martin Nägele, contestant 3, Austria
17th September 2010, 16:23:25 (Friday 14 years ago)
Thanks Peter Novotný and your team for the organisation of this MEMO!! I think we all had a great time there :-D.

One question: Is it possible to get official solutions? I know the shortlist is kept secret, but maybe we can get official solutions for the contest problems.
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
15th September 2010, 23:04:15 (Wednesday 14 years ago)
I hope everyone has arrived home luckily :).

Btw., if you have any photos from MEMO, it would be nice of you to post links here.
Štefan Gyürki, organizer, Slovakia
15th September 2010, 21:47:38 (Wednesday 14 years ago)
Peter, thank you for the excellent organizing and managing MEMO 2010! Great job!
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
14th September 2010, 22:29:58 (Tuesday 14 years ago)
The results have been published on the webpage. Follow this link to see it.
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
13th September 2010, 20:08:38 (Monday 14 years ago)
At the programme section, there is some information about the trip tomorrow. Click the "show details" links next to the particular activity, or follow these links alternatively:
Lenka Trojaková, organizer, Slovakia
10th September 2010, 20:40:46 (Friday 14 years ago)
I'm sorry... I'm not the guilty one. I asked and got wrong answer O:-)
anyway, congratulations to all the people who overcame their own laziness ;)
Justinas Česonis, contestant 1, Lithuania
10th September 2010, 19:49:52 (Friday 14 years ago)
MEMO football match Lithuania (not Latvia!!!) 6:4 Czech Republic. Thank you every body who came to help any of these teams :)
Lenka Trojaková, organizer, Slovakia
10th September 2010, 08:55:06 (Friday 14 years ago)
If you need anything, you can find your guide at his/her room. Guide for Polad, Hungary and Latvia "lives" at room A-14a. All other guides stay at room 312. We will be happy to answer your questions ;)
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
9th September 2010, 23:38:33 (Thursday 14 years ago)
Check also the page about the excursion tommorow.
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
9th September 2010, 23:07:11 (Thursday 14 years ago)
All the teams have happily arrived. We are now waiting for the last contestant of Slovakia coming tomorrow at noon. Also, five other coordinators will join us.
Martin Nägele, contestant 3, Austria
9th September 2010, 17:08:33 (Thursday 14 years ago)
And after the Swiss team, we (the Austrians) were the third team to arrive here :D.
Peter Novotný, organizer, Slovakia
9th September 2010, 12:29:43 (Thursday 14 years ago)
We have the first team already here. Welcome Germany!
Jakub Krchňavý, organizer, Slovakia
7th September 2010, 21:11:05 (Tuesday 14 years ago)
Don't worry. Mathematicians have good imagination. They will understand if they'll try. And the recommended way how to learn Slovak is to ask us natives. We will be more than happy to aid you with that.
Alexander Thomas, contestant 5, Germany
7th September 2010, 18:27:34 (Tuesday 14 years ago)
Thank you for your support. I have learned now some basic words and I hope that the people will understand it a bit.
Gerd Baron, leader, Austria
7th September 2010, 12:33:55 (Tuesday 14 years ago)
Concerning basic words and phrases in slovak you can find them on http://www.travlang.com/languages/ choosing as first language (of course) Deutsch/German and as second languages (under the flag)Slovencia, Slovak. The rest is self explaining.
Lenka Trojaková, organizer, Slovakia
6th September 2010, 21:18:12 (Monday 14 years ago)
Hi Alexander,

you can try http://translate.google.com. There is a possibility to listen the writen words. One problem I found was that it didn't work in Firefox. But in Windows Explorer it should be OK (as I've been told). It is not the best quality but better than when I would try to explain how to pronounce it.
I hope it will help you. If not, then let me know and I will record words you want to know and paste here a link to the record :)
Have a nice day!