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Team competition

day: Sunday, Sept. 12th
time: 08:45 – 13:45

The team competition will take place at the university in Žilina. Do not miss the bus departure from Strečno!

Each team will be located in a separate classroom. The regulation concerning time and equipment allowed to take with are similar to those in the individual competition. After the time is over, put your solution into the proper cover and all eight covers into the yellow envelope labeled with your country name.

Proceed to the buses immediately after you leave the classrooms.

Classroom scheme:

Countryclassroom number
AustriaAA 11
CroatiaAA 12
Czech RepublicAA 13a
GermanyAA 13b
HungaryAA 14a
LithuaniaAA 14b
PolandAF 104
SlovakiaAF 106
SloveniaAF 108
SwitzerlandAF 110